Quantity 2 - 3 Ounce ArNeu "GOLD", Plus S&H

Quantity 2 - 3 Ounce ArNeu "GOLD", Plus S&H
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ArNeu RED! >>> 2 Jars of 2 Ounce ArNeu RED! for $9.00 each.
Approaches pain five ways: 
1) Charge (as noted by FDA literature and noted in patents), 2) Champhor3) Menthol, 4) Natural Enhancers 5) Reactivation of Previous Sensations

Concentration and Patented Formulation resulting is less product needed to be applied.  Secrete don't rub it in!

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Distributing for over 9 years. 

This site is being redesigned in order to fall within PER FDA GUIDELINES 21 CFR 348.0
Please excuse the mess and choppiness of the presentation at this time.



With the Perceived Indications of


Limited Required Description

Per 21 CFR 348.0

For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of Muscle and Joints

ArNeu Is Tested As Required By Governing Standards &
Also By The Patented Guidelines Found In  U.S. Patent
No. 7,704,542
Described As A Bio-Electrical Availability
Test For Active Ingredients**


**Definition: "Metabolic Availability Test" is designed to determine the presence of the Active Ingredients, before using, to further assure they have not been destroyed during the manufacturing process, before being used
By You

*The "Metabolic Activity Test" Does Not Result In The Alteration Of How A Counterirritant Provides Pain Relief.  The Metabolic Activity Test" as listed in U.S. Patent 7,704,752, does not signal any property that is important to the safe and effective use of this OTC external analgesic drug.  Nor does it provide a function in care or diagnosis.

USE ArNeu?

Use ArNeu Before Treatment
On Muscle & Joints When Pain Is Present, Providing
Less Pain During A Therapy
Session, Resulting In More
Progress Per Session

Provide Temporary Relief Between Treatments
So That Muscles
Don't Pull The Joints
Out Of Position

To Offer Temporary Relief Of Pain When The Doctor
May Not Be Available

Realizes That Busy Schedules Do Not Always Allow Their Patients To Stretch and Exercise As Needed


Results of ArNeu's "Metabolic Activity Test"

Muscle & Joints: Neck * Back * Legs * Feet * Knees * Shoulders DAY & NIGHT RELIEF
Notice Unlike Many Other Lesser Quality Products, ArNeu RED ! STANDS UP ON ITS OWN, providing SUPERIOR ACTIONS as documented within the Granted Patents.

Individuals have made claims on the internet that ArNeu provides Peripheral Neuropathy relief.
This is a misconception, it may relieve related muscle pain but has no proven studies of relieving Peripheral Neuropathy.

WHERE TO USE ArNeu For Penetrating Pain Relief Of Muscles & Joints



ArNeu Gold & ArNeu Red ! Patented Formulations 
Out performing competition 298% to over 3000% when comparing chemical electrical charge.

Learn more about Topical Analgesic and Topical Counterirritants Benefits Below

Counterirritants Address Edema and Swelling (visualized & thermally visualized)To Reduce Tenderness

See how it works by going to How ArNeu Works
The only patented self-generating microvoltage dual purpose topical analgesic and counter-irritant gel for temporary relief of minor aches and pains.

EXTERNAL ANALGESIC. A topically applied substance that may have a topical analgesic, anesthetic, antipruritic, or counterirritant effect. REF. A

1)  An externally applied substance that relieves pain without necessarily abolishing other sensations, or one that causes partial blockade of subcutaneous terminal nerve endings so that a minimal stimulus evokes no painful response, but a greater stimulus does. REF. A
2)  Such ingredients penetrate the nerve endings and cause temporary reversible charge in the nerve membrane, preventing the development of the electrical current at a given point in a nerve fiber that transmits the impulses along a nerve. REF. A "Pharmacological Principles of Regional Pain Relief"

1) An externally applied substance that causes irritation or mild inflammation of the skin for the purpose of relieving pain in muscles, joints and viscera distal to the site of application. REF. A
2) They differ from the anesthetics, analgesics, and antipruritic agents, however, in that the pain relief they produce results from stimulation --- rather than depression --- of the cutaneous sensory receptors and occurs in structures of the body other than the skin areas to which they are applied as for example, in joints, muscles, tendons and certain viscera.  The use of these products dates from antiquity. REF. A
3) Counterirritants act by producing a transient, reversible, and mild inflammation or irritation of the skin. REF. A (Welts or raised rashes are considered adverse effects and should be reported to the manufacturer.  Only a smooth redness or no visible redness should occur.)
4) The Panel does not accept claims that counterirritants relieve pain by penetrating the skin and passing into muscles, joints and other structures. REF. A
5) In addition to irritation, counterirritants may also produce sensitization,in which case immunological phenomena are involved. REF. A
6) For counerirritant drugs the statement should be "for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints,such as simple backache, lumbago, arthritis, neuralgia, strains, bruises, and sprains. REF. A

1) Neuralgia, understood as resulting from nerve compression due to edema or swelling within the muscles and viscera being felt as tenderness (aka pain).  Where tenderness (aka pain) is a characteristic of swelling as described in REF. A.
2) acute paroxysmal pain radiating along the course of one or more nerves usually without demonstrable changes in the nerve structure REF. D

PHYSIOLOGICAL FACTORS. The panel stresses that in most cases continued contact of a film of the active ingredient is essential for efficacy.  REF. A (Do not rub in, keep on top of the skin.)

1) Inflammation is a pathological process (not the disease) that occurs in the blood vessels and adjacent tissues. REF. A
2) Inflammation is characterized by heat, redness, swelling and tenderness of the affected tissues. REF. A  (Heat can be seen visually or by advanced technology such as FDA Medical Devices Clearance Regarding Infrared Cameras.)


1) Cardiac Muscle, Found solely in the walls of the heart. It has similarities with skeletal muscles in that it is striated and with smooth muscles in that its contractions are not under conscious control
2) Skeletal Muscles are those which attach to bones and have the main function of contracting to facilitate movement of our skeletons. They are also sometimes known as striated muscles due to their appearance.
3) Smooth muscle is found in the walls of hollow organs such as the Stomach, Oesophagus, Bronchi and in the walls of blood vessels. This muscle type is stimulated by involuntary neurogenic impulses and has slow, rhythmical contractions used in controlling internal organs, for example, moving food along the Oesophagus or contricting blood vessels during Vasoconstriction. (Most affected muscle when it comes to edema and inflammation causing tenderness aka pain.)
4) Example Venous Smooth Muscles, Venous valves prevent the blood from flowing backwards, thereby permitting unidirectional flow that enhances venous return. Ref.
5) Vascular smooth muscle refers to the particular type of smooth muscle found within, and composing the majority of the wall of blood vessels. Ref.

Palliative Care
1) Serious illnesses can cause physical symptoms, such as pain, nausea or fatigue. You may also have psychological symptoms like depression or anxiety. The treatments for your disease may cause symptoms or side effects. Palliative care relieves symptoms without curing your disease. Ref. B
2) Three forms of nonnarcotic palliative care approaches include Analgesic, Counterirritants  and Warm Baths As Referenced (not hot baths).

. REF. A
1) Presently using Thermal Imaging / Infrared Cameras that has been approved by the FDA as an objective method of visualizing edema, swelling , circulation changes, while also visualizing reactions under microscope viewing and measuring electrical charge using EKG electrodes connected to voltmeters downloading results into computer data base.  Thermal Images & measurement of electrical charges have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA in determining External Analgesic Efficacy.  Ref. Infrared Camera Inc. for edema, swelling and circulation observations (2008).  C Morgan

REF. A: United States Federal Register / Vol. 44, No. 234 / Tuesday, December 4, 1979 pp 69768 - 69866 & United States Federal Register / Vol. 48, No. 27 / Tuesday, February 8, 1983
REF. C: National Library of Medicine,

What makes it healthy to eliminate all edema and swelling within the body when it is used by so many functions to reduce further injury, the reason we believe when it is possible, ArNeu maybe a better choice for addressing pain symptoms.

ArNeu is both a Topical Analgesic & Counterirritant
We Believe Counter Irritants Are More Effective
See Counter Irritant Results To A Tender / Painful Area At The Bottom Of This Page, Using Thermal Imaging
Protected by two U.S. Patents along with Foreign Patents and Patent Pendings
National Drug Code (NDC): 42046-002-03

Patented Formulation Maybe The Only Formulation That Measures The Ability To Create A Chemical Bio-Electrical Charge (as described by FDA literature) & Demonstrate Distal Effectiveness Using FDA Approved Thermal Camera Images.


To  understand the contents of this site for in part pertaining to the definition of "pain", "muscle & joint", "penetrating", "for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints" refer back to "Federal Register / Vol. 44, No. 234 / December 4, 1979" and the following up dates found in "Federal Register/ Vol. 48, No. 27 / Tuesday, February 8, 1983", and the Referenced Materials, reading this before mentioned references should easily bring content to words such as 1)  inflammation 2)   musculoskeletal 3)   generally recognized as safe and effective and not misbranded 4)   ingredients which stimulate cutaneous sensory receptors (it is not noted or designated as being a chemical toxin  stimulation or electrical stimulation derived from metabolic waste and the counter-irritant, c Morgan) can be further classified pharmacological as topical counterirritants 5)   an externally applied substance that causes irritation or mild inflammation of the skin for the purpose of relieving pain in muscles, joints or viscera distal to the site of application 6)   panel relied on standard references and texts and on its own expertise 7)   the panel stresses that in most cases continued contact of a film of the active ingredient is essential for efficacy 8)   pain is characterized by heat, redness, swelling and tenderness of the affected tissues 9)   the swelling and tenderness accompanying pain 10)   however in that the pain relief they produce results from stimulation--rather than depression--of cutaneous sensory receptors and occurs in structures of the body other than the skin areas to which they are applied as, for example, in joints, muscles, tendons, and certain viscera

Do Not Rub ArNeu In Completely, Rubbing In Will Substantially Reduce The Effectiveness of ArNeu.

Leaving A Thin Film On The Skin So That It May React With The Metabolic Waste Produced By Stressed Tissues

The most common type of pain is Arthritis and is felt as multiple symptoms in both young and old, often being found as an acute symptom in the young progressing to chronic symptoms as we age.  There are several types of arthritis known with Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid probably being the two most common.   Common areas where Arthritis may occur include back, knee, shoulder, neck but may develop anywhere a joint or muscle is present.  ArNeu does not treat the disease but does address the symptoms that maybe related.  These symptoms may include stiffness, reduction in joint or muscle movement, pain being sharp or dull or cramping that may occur when restriction of movement results in muscle cramping or night time leg or foot  pain or cramping a pain that is sometimes a combination of arthritis and diabetic neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy, cancer chemotherapy or radiation reactions or restless leg syndrome for example only. See Controlling Risk Factors for Osteoarthritis

A strain is when a muscle becomes overstretched and tears. This painful injury, also called a "pulled muscle," can be caused by an accident, improper use of a muscle, or overuse of a muscle (reference  This is normally caused by excessive physical activity, but may also be seen post-surgically when tissues have been shortened or atrophied.  With the most severe occurrence being post burn where  the strain develops due to scar tissue contraction.  Concluding that there are several identifiable causes of strained muscles that are often not addressed, per the definition.

ArNeu, is a nonprescription cream for pain, being described as a multidisciplinary pain symptom management tool.    Having value as an objective approach for joint and pain relief, within several healthcare specialties, in conjunction with prescription pain medications to reduce valued therapy lapses while increasing patients well  being by providing relief from joint pain and muscle pain.

ArNeu is designed to provide Muscle & Joint pain relief, it is the patented "Metabolic Activity Test" process that has brought ArNeu into the market replacing other long time favorites.  By using ArNeu over a period of time it has been reported by some of those who didn't feel immediate relief they did experience some relief with the continued application of ArNeu as a cream for pain.

Disciplines  of value include but not limited to: Oncology, Neurologist, Pain Management , Naturalpathic, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Orthopedic and Multidisciplinary Patient Care Professionals. 

CC Medical Devices, Inc. hopes that you see that ArNeu may provide a much less complicated approach resulting in better  patient compliance and acceptance when it comes to pain relief for arthritis as a relief therapy for joints and muscles.  While further recognizing that not only does arthritis pain create muscle and joint pain that other forms of diseases and trauma will create or amplify the need for joint pain relief by using either a pain gel or cream for pain but all are used for temporary relief and are not a joint pain remedy.

CC Medical Devices, Inc. hopes that you see that ArNeu may provide a much less complicated approach resulting in better  patient compliance and acceptance when it comes to pain relief for arthritis as a relief therapy for joints and muscles.  While further recognizing that not only does arthritis pain create muscle and joint pain that other forms of diseases and trauma will create or amplify the need for joint pain relief by using either a pain gel or cream for pain but all are used for temporary relief and are not a joint pain remedy.


ArNeu May Be Used As A Stand Alone Product
Or As A
Multidisciplinary Pain Symptom Management Tool

ArNeu Provides Substantial Improvements In The Area Of Topical Analgesic Pain Relief Cream
When It Comes To Measurable Physiological Activity

Use ArNeu as a multidisciplinary pain symptom management tool.  Having value as an adjunct approach with Opiates, Internal Analgesics and other healthcare specialties in hopes of reducing valued therapy lapses while increasing a patients well being.

Areas that have been listed where ArNeu may be of value include but not limited to: Oncology, Pain Management, Naturalistic, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Multidisciplinary Patient Care Programs and Individual Self Care Situations.
The listed areas and descriptions are not all inclusive and should not be considered complete, rather as a marker in which ArNeu may be compared.



Rubbing ArNeu In Will Substantially Reduce The Effectiveness.

Leaving a thin film on the skin so that it may react with the metabolic waste produced by stressed tissues producing an electrical charge to address pain symptoms due to a wide variety of causes involving muscle & joints.  It is believed that this charge increases nerve functions, resulting in smooth muscle activation in vascular components to increase circulation.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, or implied as such.


Side effects and adverse reactions were taken into consideration while formulating the ArNeu topical pain cream for the relief of muscle and joint pains, under OTC, FDA monograph guidelines.  ArNeu is not to be taken internally, it isn't a nutrient and it isn't a replacement for products like Lyrica, Tramadol, Neurontin, Cymbalta, Tylenol, Advil, Asprin, Aleve or other internal pain medications, but may be used as an approach to benefit people who are taking the previous mentioned medications for pain as a synergistic direction where the topical may address pain relief where an internal medication may not.  (Always consult your pain management health care professional before making changes on your own.)

Sometimes we forget the difference in side effects when it comes to internal medication and topical medications, blocking nerve functions and increasing nerve functions or slowing down the circulation and increasing the circulation in hopes that the body will be able to provide nutrients into the areas that have be damaged by disease where inflammation is playing a major roll.

Topical analgesic pain creams that conform to FDA Over-The-Counter guidelines should not have the same side effects that may be found in internally taken prescription pain relievers nor even the lesser adverse reactions seen with over the counter internal medications.  Topical analgesic for muscle and joint pains are considered to be for temporary pain relief only and not to be thought of as a cure or treatment of a disease.

Unless a topical has high percentages of active ingredients, there shouldn't be any detrimental side effects such as increased bleeding, damage to liver functions, damage to the kidneys.  ArNeu itself shouldn't cause drowsiness, sleepiness, headaches, confusion, tremors, twitching, chest pains or irregular heartbeats. 

ArNeu topical analgesic pain cream may cause a redness on the skin that may be from the rapid increase of toxins being excited by increased blood flow or the possibility of an irritation because of a listed ingredient.  Although the redness is sometimes seen initially with continued use the redness often seize to appear, giving possible support that it is possible contributed to toxin movement.

We feel obligated to provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on the purchase of the first individual tube of ArNeu, as a pain patient I also have been experienced a good number of products that didn't work.



Approaching Pain Three Ways




Initially Developed For Idiopathic Neuropathy
To Reduce Inflammatory Pressures Surrounding Nerves
That Is Interpreted As Pain Or Neuropathy Pain Symptoms
By Muscle & Joints

U.S. Patent 7,704,522 and Patent Pending

United Kingdom Patent GB242314

FDA Registered & NDC Designation

Poster Presentation at the 30th Annual Meeting of American Pain Society

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, or implied.


What People In Pain Say & Experience Through Their Personal Testimonials
(ArNeu is only used to bring pain relief to Muscle & Joints, with no other claims are made or implied by the manufacturer.)

*My wife’s mother had been diagnosed with Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy which the pain had become so severe that she had to take early retirement because nothing seem to relieve the pain enough so that she could sleep at night comfortably.  Approaches that had been attempted included prescription narcotics, Light Therapy, Laser Therapy, Acupuncture, Heating Pads and both internal and external over the counter medications.  I decided that if something had gone wrong that causes neuropathy something could go right to provide relief so I began to study in specific what was known about Diabetic Neuropathy and what was known about some of earth’s natural continuance activities as lava, and finding what I thought was a connection.  So I spent 30 days formulating, trying failing and then came up with a compound that provided relief at night and during the day time.  A short time later she was diagnosed with leukemia, after which her oncologist suggested her symptoms may have come to light sooner had she not been on such high doses of narcotics. (Eudora, KS)

* Gentleman who had radiation and chemotherapy treatment was unable to walk secondary to neuropathy, however he currently uses ArNeu on his feet and exercises by walking around the local shopping center. (Warrensburg, MO)

* Patient with colon cancer being treated at the Cancer Treatment Center in Tulsa has been using ArNeu for relief of pain associated with both chemotherapy and surgery. (Osawatomie, KS)

*Spinal Stenosis with severe back pain uses a spinal cord stimulator in order to relieve pain.  Apply ArNeu and cover with saran wrap, able to leave spinal cord stimulator off for 68 hours before removing saran wrap and taking a shower. Requested memo from Sharon states: I have dealt with chronic back, let, neck, and foot pain for the last 20+ years.  My pain runs the gamut from burning, dull to sharp, electricity tightness, pressure, crampy, deep ache, numbness, tingling, coldness below the waist down leg to foot, walking on marbles, muscle weakness, very limited range of motion(ROM), and throbbing.
I've had 6 back surgies, fusions, cages, Dynesis, and spinal cord stimulator.  In search of relief I have seen many specialists in state and out of state, tried all types of therapies(PT, exercises, chronic pain management programs, psychological treatment, chiropractic, acupuncture, electrical stimulation, heat ice, an array of prescription and non prescription medication.  My diagnoses also run the gamut i.e. radiculopathy, neuropathy, failed back syndrome, spinal stenosis, DDD, severe arachnoiditis , and arthritis to name a few.
Pain took control of my life and stopped me.  Depression ensued on and off.  I had to quit my nursing job and curtail  even the simplest activies.
In my desperation I started going to a chriopractor for acupuncture and other modalities.  After several years(12) of treatments 3X a week/, I was able to regain and enjoy my life and function again---shopping housework, walking exercising, gardening, etc.)  I still had the pain but it was being maintained to some degree.  Standing, bending carrying, lifting, vacuuming, etc. would increase my pain still and my ROM was limited. Then ArNue cream came into my life.  It has been like a miracle cream!  It's unbelieveable how fast it works with effects lasting for hours.  I started using the cream at my acupuncture treatments and found it enhanced the effects of my treatments, increasing pain relief time and reduced pain level.  One of the beauties of ArNeu is it starts working within minutes--15-20 and lasts for hours.  Relief of pain from ArNeu is a deep penetrating  relief.  ArNeu for about a year now applying it at home as well as at my 3x a week acupuncture treatments.  I can't say enough about the benefits of ArNeu!
Here's the really great exciting news about ArNue, for the last 6 months I have not received any acupuncture or chiropractic or medical treatment for my neuropathy and chronic pain.  I'm on no pain meds and am functioning better than I have for years just by using ArNeu at home once of twice a day.  I have not used my spinal cord stimulator for the last 6 months either.  ArNeu keeps me maintained and functioning.  I also had a total knee replacement 6 months ago and ArNeu helped in that healing process too.  It's an amazing cream, an answer to some of my prayers.  I know it would benefit so many other people.  I have recommended ArNeu to many of my family and friends who have received relief using it.  ArNeu is truly remarkable!!
Sharon Feingold RN 14-56373-072(KS)

Sharon (Overland Park, KS)


*Addressed Diabetic Neuropathy pains within the patent, increased blood flow demonstrated unilaterally upon application. (Olathe, KS)

*School sports records in Javelin Throwing and Home Run Baseball Hitting competitions. (Spring Hill, KS)

*Chiropractor out of Nebraska experiences shin splints while running decided to use the product on him before allowing it to be used on his patients.  Reports able to run further before shin splints become apparent. (Omaha, NE)

*Chiropractor uses ArNeu with Iontophoresis remarks that it had a much deeper effect. (Omaha, NE)

*Symptoms, low back pain, legs swollen and brownish discolored, clear fluid excreting from pores, no visible hair on legs, using walker past experience martial arts and auto body repair shop owner.   Doctors refused to perform back surgery due to his condition, approximately 50 years of age.  I gave him the formulation and instructed him to use 3 times a day no matter what.  He called me about two months later saying he had hair back on his legs traveled to see him seeing him fully clothed, with just a small brown ring at his ankles.  Requested memo from Lewis states: “I used to have to use a walker to get around because of the pain in my back and numbness in both feet. It hurt to stand, to sit, to lie down.  I sometimes slept half the night in bed and the other half sitting in a chair because I was so uncomfortable.  I was miserable and depressed. I started using ARNEU and with daily applications on my back and from the knees down, I have since been able to stop using the walker and only occasionally use my cane for balance on uneven ground. My back pain lessened, the feeling in my feet and legs returned and I actually had hair on my legs again because of the improved circulation. I feel this is a great product and needs to be available to those who can benefit from it. I know I did. I am enjoying every moment I have of the quality time I spend with my grandchildren and am so thankful for the opportunity I had to claim my life back.”

------ Lewis Elmore (Paola, KS)

*Restless Leg Syndrome had been experienced for years, uses ArNeu periodically and is able to sleep a night. (Fontana, KS)

*More than one occasion has been observed or experienced when a severe burn has occurred and ArNeu is immediately applied.  Normally it seems that the area does not or may only slightly blister.  The thought is that due to the fast action of increasing circulation at the area the fluid is not able to build up between the layers of the skin.  It is also being observed that the damage tissue heals remarkably faster. (Clyde Morgan, DC & Corrine Morgan, Rantoul, KS)

*Use ArNeu and earlier version with the following memorable results Shin Splints on athletes, Lumbar sprain/strain, Fibromyalgia 2 years with medications now able to sleep and work, Chronic post herpetic neuralgia for 6 months unable to wear clothing-returned to wearing normal clothing and activities within a short time, Osteoarthritis of the knee unable to walk or sleep-although pain is still present was able to sleep and walk easier was itching with increased circulation.  Dr. Sarah Stephens, Warrensburg, MO

*In practice as a Chiropractor I have used the formulation for Fibromyalgia, Spinal Stenosis Pains, Strained Necks & Backs, Diabetic Neuropathy, Migraine Headaches, Tension Headaches, Restless Leg Syndrome, Compression Fracture of Lumbar Vertebra, Arthritic Joints, Stiffness After Being Hospitalized, Chemotherapy Neuropathy, Radiation Neuropathy, Wound Healing (for blood flow), Physical Therapy Recovery Adjunct for Knee Replacements, Surgery Pain Recovery, Bruising …ect. (Clyde Morgan, DC, Olathe, KS)



*To Whom It May Concern:


I am Rebecca Hoffman and I was in an automobile accident on May 7, 2010 with a sprained neck and muscles from the impact.  I was in physical therapy for approximately 3 months and still had pain and discomfort.  I am a tennis player, golfer and hiker.  After several months I decided to try sports again, unfortunately I aggravated the neck and muscles in the back again.  Determined I was not going back to physical therapy, I was introduced to the product ArNeu.  After using the cream for 3 days twice a day, my neck and muscles felt much better.  I continued using the product on a regular basis and now use it before I head out for my sports.


I introduced my husband to the product for his neck and shoulders that were aching due to working on the computer every day.  He feels much better and does not have the pain and discomfort. 


This is an amazing product and really does work.



Rebecca Hoffman



***All Above References Involved Increasing Circulation In Order To Relieve Pain, Allowing The Body’s Natural Ability To Resolve Its Own Issues, And Are Personal Experiences That May Not Be A Typical Experience By Everyone.


† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, or implied.
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